GSUS Live is a resource that is available to secondary
schools. The aim of GSUS Live is to show that Jesus is
relevant today.


There are two mobile classrooms with a fully functioning
multimedia computer suite as the core of the hardware.
They are designed to take classes of up to 32 Key Stage 3
pupils for a 45 to 60 minute lesson and will provide a
stimulating environment in which they can investigate
Jesus' teachings on Forgiveness, Fear, and Rejection.
For a walk-through of a normal lesson, click here.



COUNTIES is a UK-based Christian charity. Through its
workers, publications and exhibitions COUNTIES provides
churches and schools with resources that make Christianity
understandable in the 21st Century. The charity also runs LIFE, a mobile
exhibition primarily aimed at Key Stage 2 schoolchildren.


GSUS Live is built on the success of other COUNTIES' mobile exhibitions, which
were visited by thousands of pupils.



GSUS Live is available to schools free of charge. The project is funded by
individuals, churches and Christian trusts.


If you’d like to get in touch with Glyn Davies, our Project Co-ordinator,
click here for contact details.